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Introducing "The Runners-Mate”™, which is second to none,  provides prevemptivily visable and suitable means of self-defense, and carry identification with ease. our Patented Security and Defense Garment  the  greatest accessory to have, while out walking, Running or Jogging. It light weight, durable,  machine washable and easy to use.


The Runners-Mate
Yellow Jacket
Warm, Lightweight Comfortable and Stylish. 



The Full Collection

The Runner-Mate come in a number of patterens and colors.


Choose the one the best fits your style.




"The Runner-Mate is a must have accessory. I will not run with out it ever again." 


I'm  thinking about the safety of my unborn child. 

"We purchased The Runners-Mate for the entire family.


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